Water conservation through better plumbing. Stan's Discount Rooter & Plumbing - Water ConservationIt is not breaking news that the drought in California has reached epic proportions and is not going away any time soon. State and local governments have introduced restrictions and ordinances designed to conserve water and possibly penalize those who waste water.
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(Chart from ca.gov website.)

What can you do to conserve water & save money on your water bill? Two very important things! We can help with both. • Make sure your plumbing is in working order to avoid wasting water. • Install water conserving plumbing devices in your home or business.
We detect and fix drips, leaks and any other water wasting plumbing problems you may have. This will conserve water and save you money. Call 661-861-1356 today to get your water leaks repaired!
We install and encourage use of water conserving plumbing parts and appliances, including: • Water conserving faucets and shower heads. • Water conserving high efficiency toilets. • On demand tankless water heaters. > Learn more about water conserving plumbing devices.
State of California program to encourage water conservation. CALIFORNIA’S SAVE OUR WATER REBATE PROGRAM Water Saving Tips from Save Our Water.com










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